Revolutionary aero wheels coming soon from Sōr
Speed, Stabilized

Aero wheels have become the norm; every pro rides them...and many amateurs do as well. But all riders worry about being “blown around”, and the real aero benefits never seem as big as the theory. 

At Sōr, we see that reality. Our wheels are designed for anyone to ride in any conditions.

In the end, Sōr delivers you a revolution in aerodynamics- great speed and great stability.

To understand more about us, and what makes a Sōr wheel special, click here. 

"My first experience with Sōr was at an Olympic triathlon.

The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was...especially compared with other discs that I've seen and heard. Up the first portion of the climb I noticed I was passing people with very little effort. I actually felt as if someone was pushing me up the hill. At one point I even looked behind me to check!! ...and nope, no one there! It was insane how fast and effortlessly I was going up this course. It was quite windy but I had no handling issues (quite the contrary). I had a personal best that race and have continued to ride fast with this darned special wheel"

Paula Johnson (15 x Ironman Athlete & Pan-Am Games Torchbearer)
Custom Designed

Crafted from the bottom up to fill the needs of demanding riders. We've used the experienced of thousands of hours on the bike (and at the head of cycling industry) to design a wheel that truly enhances a rider's natural ability.

Meticulously Engineered

Founded by technically minded riders with an appreciation for high-end, pro-level-quality equipment, at Sōr we take pride in analyzing every angle, every curve, and every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure only the best product makes it out the door.

Track Tested

Many companies offer bikes and equipment with inflated specs and unrealistic promises...only to fall short in the real world. That's why the Sōr design process begins on the track...and involves industry pros, olympic-level riders, and leading coaches every step of the way.

Available soon.